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Tips for Success

Plan early.

If you would like to offset the costs of studying abroad with scholarships and financial aid, it is important to plan early. Often times, the deadlines for scholarship applications and financial aid are due long before study abroad program application deadlines. You should therefore start planning 6 months to a year before you would like to apply to study abroad (that means planning a year to a year and a half before you will actually be abroad). What you don't want to do is apply to and be accepted to a study abroad program, and then try to figure out how to fund the program.

Select the right program for you.

Various types of study abroad programs offer varying levels of affordability. Short-term programs might seem like the cheapest option, but often times students find semester or year-long programs can be very cost effective. The location of the program also greatly impacts program costs, with bigger cities and Western European countries typically being more expensive. SDSU offers hundreds of different program options from which you can choose in order for you to select the right program for you. 

Research all your options.

Between the many scholarship options (both SDSU and external opportunities), financial aid, and your own personal and/or crowdfunding efforts, study abroad can be affordable if you put forth the time and effort. For study abroad scholarships, you will need to determine which scholarship options fit with your academic and study abroad goals, as well as your eligibility for those scholarships. If you receive financial aid from SDSU, you may be able to apply that to your study abroad experience. Crowdfunding is also a popular way to fundraise for study abroad, as most students have large networks of friends and family through social media. Explore many of the options and resources available to you below.

Take advantage of SDSU resources.

As an SDSU student, you have access to a great variety of resources to help you prepare for a study or internship experience abroad. Don't let those resources go to waste! Make sure to take advantage of the study abroad scholarship workshops and Financial Planning for Study Abroad frequently offered by the International Student Office (ISC), and to review the their recommendations for writing a Personal Statement letter for study abroad scholarships.