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SDSU Study Abroad Scholarships

Students will now apply for all SDSU Scholarships in the new Aztecs Scholarships system. Follow the steps below in order to be eligible for the study abroad scholarships listed below.

  1. Complete the General Application in Aztec Scholarships. Select "Yes" when asked whether you plan to study abroad during the 2020-2021 AY.
  2. Once you submit the General Application, you will see a list of Recommended Opportunities that you are eligible for given your responses to the General Application. These Recommended Opportunities will have supplemental components that you must complete in order to fully apply for the scholarship. Complete the supplemental components (i.e. essay, budget form, or whatever is requested) no later than August 15, 2020. 

Application Deadline:

You will have from March 1 - August 15, 2020 to complete this process. Please keep in mind that the supplemental essay may take some time to complete, so please do not apply last minute.


College of Arts & Letters Study Abroad Scholarship

College of Arts & Letters Majors participating in an international experience are encouraged to apply to the College of Arts & Letters Study Abroad Scholarships.


Associated Students Study Abroad Scholarship

SDSU students who have applied, or have been accepted, to participate in a study abroad program outside the United States are encouraged to apply for the Associated Students Study Abroad Scholarship. Students who will be conducting research outside the United States are eligible to receive the scholarship. Students who will be studying or conducting research in a U.S. territory also are eligible to apply. Application materials will be reviewed by a committee composed primarily of current SDSU students, with an Associated Students staff member serving as the scholarship committee chairperson.


William R. Mundt Memorial Scholarship for International Internships in Peace & Security

The College of Arts and Letters is pleased to announce the William R. Mundt Memorial Scholarship for International Internships in Peace & Security. Students who are planning to, or are interested in, participating in a service-oriented internship outside the United States with a potential NGO, governmental aid agency, humanitarian organization, or social agency, but are unable to finance such a venture, are encouraged to apply to the Mundt Scholarship for International Internships in Peace & Security. Award amounts will be determined by the committee, though the intent is to cover nearly the full cost of an international internship for 6 awardees. Recipients must participate in a credit-bearing international internship of at least two months, which should address social welfare, health, educational, cultural or environmental problems, or social and economic inequalities. Applicants must locate and secure their own internships, which must be approved by the Office of International Programs upon scholarship acceptance. Please review the Mundt Tips for Succcess page for additional guidance.


Internships in Cambodia: Mundt Peace Fellowship Program 2021

Program Description:
The vision and purpose of the Mundt Peace Fellowship program is to help create "future new leaders who will make a difference in the world". The Mundt Peace Fellowship provides students the opportunity to participate in and observe first-hand the work of NGOs, governmental aid agencies, combined public/private aid/peace efforts, humanitarian organizations, or social entrepreneurships in helping create a stable, healthy environment that ultimately supports peace and security and/or seeks to alleviate social and economic inequalities. Internships in Cambodia - Mundt Peace Fellowship is a fully funded, 8-week program that provides students with an international internship in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Selected students may choose from a variety of internship placement options that cover a range of career disciplines. Anticipated program dates: May 2021 - July 2021.

Application Process: Students must first read through the program page on Aztecs Abroad, including thoroughly reviewing the placement options, eligibility and application process. Students will then apply through Aztec Scholarships. Please note that this program now has an application deadline of August 15, 2020.


Jack McGrory Study Abroad Scholarship (Humanities & Classics Majors)


Soto-Kobernick International Immersion Scholarship

Applicants must demonstrate a desire to focus on language and culture immersion. Recipients will be students who will study abroad for at least one full semester during the academic year for which the scholarship is awarded. Each scholarship award will have a value of $1,500.